We began in 1964. It was the time of the Beatles and Rolling Stones and an air of great fun. Anything seemed possible , it was the Sixties ! Grumbles was the first restaurant in London with a silly name!

There were very few restaurants in London outside Soho and Pimlico was then a slum. We managed to find these premises for £12 a week and spend our 'capital' of £300 on a lick of paint, an old domestic cooker and some wood which our friend Julian Hippisley knocked into the tables you see today.

Many things were happening in the world. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment: BBC2 was started: there was the great train robbery: Labour was back in power and Dr Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The most expensive dish on the menu was fillet steak at 9 shillings and sixpence (45p) and house wine was the same. The average bill for two was well under £3.

We had two stunning waitresses, Patsy and Sylvia, who not only were excellent waitresses but also attracted many customers. We were convinced that Patsy had invented the Mini skirt before Mary Quant!

In the early days as we rushed around the tables, we hardly had time to notice the faces of the likes of Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Julie Christie, Michael Foot, Christine Keeler, Ian le Frenais, Rod Steiger and so many many more as well as Jane Lapotaire sometimes helping with the Founder Jeremy Friend washing up!

After thirty years Jeremy Friend handed over the helm to Charles Tidman who has cheerfully kept it on the same track.

Grumbles and its customers have been such a winning combination for over forty years and we thank you for all your support.


Jeremy Friend, Founder